Chris Brown Should Pay A 'Fine' For This Billboard Music Awards Performance

With his performance of his latest single "Fine China," Chris Brown took to the 2013 Billboard Music Awards stage Sunday night intent on fusing classic East-meets-West action flicks with Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video. He succeeded by creating a great visual with brilliant dancing, and a vocal that instantly brings to mind the 1986 cult hit Big Trouble In Little China. Thanks to Beyoncé's recent lip-sync controversy, frequent offenders are now being forced to sing live due to heightened scrutiny. Brown did this song (and his audience) a disservice by croaking through a cut even the most Brown-averse listener would deem a banger, seemingly unable to deliver even two-word adlibs on key. Joined on stage by Orianthi, best known as the blond guitar shredder featured in Jackson's This Is It, Brown continued in his quest to ape the legend so slavishly that one day, no one will know which is which. Thankfully, based on these vocals, that day is no time soon.

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