SoulBounce Honors 2011's Video Of The Year: Timothy Bloom & V. Bozeman's 'Til The End Of Time'

For the past 15 or so years, there has seemingly been only one way to shoot a video -- bright lights, big effects, hot cars, and even hotter women. Every so often, however, an artist manages to break free from the pack, releasing a video that breaks from the norm. A video that eschews the formula, while still making you sit up and take notice. A relative unknown did just that last February with a video that lacked most of the above listed elements. As a matter-of-fact, it even lacked clothes. However, Timothy Bloom proved that sometimes less is definitely more.

From the moment Bloom's video "Til the End of Time" was released, it seemed to be all anyone could talk about. The video featured Bloom and singer V. Bozeman in all their splendid, butt-naked glory. But as we said earlier, what could have easily dissolved into a crass and contrived attention grabber instead resulted in the year's most beautiful video, earning it the honor of being SoulBounce's Video of the Year.

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Simple in theory, the visuals are anything but. As Bloom and Bozeman stand bare and pressed against one another, the image is simply breathtaking. The fact that the two have bodies beautiful enough to make you want to run to the nearest gym is what initially draws you in, but it's the song's beauty that keeps you there. With primarily their voices as the song's main element, the passion and intensity in which they sing to each other that touches you to the core. With voices as powerful as theirs, it's fitting that the video would give you little else to focus on other than them and the lyrics. It perfectly captures that moment of love when guards are let down and there's nothing but two people in love that exist. No outside distractions, just the baring of raw emotions.

Whether black or white, gay or straight, young or old, rich or poor, "Til The End Of Time" gets to the heart of what we all want most at the end of the day -- a love so pure and intense that anything more seems unnecessary.

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