43 Tracks for $9.99 = Get Your Behind to iTunes Now!

def-in-house-miami-08.jpgSure, a lot of the tracks on Defected in the House: Miami ’08 (released 4/28) aren’t brand new, but it’s a bargain. It’s currently available on iTunes for $9.99, which doesn’t usually get you over 40 songs. That’s over 4 hours of a range of House sounds, featuring Afterlife, Marlon D, Osunlade, Quentin Harris and Peven Everett.

This new annual compilation is mixed by three of the UK’s most recognised mix masters. At the controls you will enjoy selections from the Defected head Simon Dunmore, The renowned radio presenter Aaron Ross and production genius that is ATFC giving us a wide slice of the sound you would encounter at the conference. Each mix taking you through the natural build up of the night beginning with a laid back deep house vibe finishing with a peak time, energetic club mix. .

Did I forget to mention it’s only $9.99 for 43 tracks? Even if you thought half of them were wack, it’s still a bargain.

Defected in the House: Miami ’08 [Defected][iTunes]

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