Lianne La Havas Gets Experimental With Wu-Lu For Her ‘Seven Times’ Remix

Lianne La Havas dropped a stunning project when she released her self-titled third album last year. Though the critically acclaimed album somehow missed the radars of the GRAMMYs voters, it never left our playlists here at SBHQ. The songstress has been quietly breathing life into select tracks with remixes, and her song “Seven Times” is the latest to get the treatment with a new mix courtesy of Wu-Lu.

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The song, which Lianne has said is one of her favorites from the collection, set her voice against a delicate acoustic guitar line and harder-hitting drums as she sings words of advice to an ex. Wu-Lu expands upon this by keeping her voice as the melody while building out everything around it. That includes breakneck drums, hand claps, piano and a distorted guitar riff. Other elements eventually work their way into the affair, though, with haunting piano worming into the mix before he takes the track in a completely different direction. How different? The moody cut soon fills with life as it becomes a Brazilian samba complete with lilting guitar and flute before fading away.

This remix, along with other mixes like Jordan Rakei ‘s take on “Please Don’t Make Me Cry,” only add to the richness already present on Lianne La Havas and should lead others to discover the beauty of the singer-songwriter’s last record. It also shows the other places the songs on the set can go and might even garner that she makes a full-on remix compilation of the set. But that’s just us giving out some free ideas. See if you agree when you press play.

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