‘Rise’ Up With Butter, Melonie Daniels-Walker & Roy Hargrove

During such a politically and socially tumultuous time, artists have the unique ability to take our minds off of all the chaos, if only for a moment, while making a statement of their own. With his single “Rise” and its recently released video, drummer/producer/filmmaker/DJ/director Butter achieved his goal to “make people think and dance.” The track, which features internationally-celebrated songbird Melonie Daniels-Walker and GRAMMY Award-winning trumpeter Roy Hargrove, is an eclectic mix of jazz and electronic R&B and serves as a demonstration of Butter’s vast musical palette. The tune tells the tale of finding joy in the love of another and also showcases the talents of critically-acclaimed artists Monet on flute and Mark Bowers on guitar.

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The accompanying video taps into a wide range of the viewer’s emotions, from rage to pure jubilation. It begins with a kaleidoscope of images that illustrate the world’s current state of anarchy. About halfway, through an array of smoke and colors, we see glimpses of Butter in the studio and other music-related images, including a spinning record and boom box. The haziness clears and suddenly we’re gazing upon a woman who has seemingly lost herself in the rhythm, as well as children playing along with their instruments, feeling the groove. The spirited single and visual is a vibrant reminder that music is indeed powerfully transformative.

Watch the video for Butter’s “Rise” featuring Melonie Daniels-Walker and Roy Hargrove below, and be sure to check out the remixes for the track on Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music. While there’s no word on what’s next musically for the multi-talented musician, we hear that Butter has begun directing a biopic for a “legendary music artist,” though details are forthcoming. In the meantime, keep up with all of his moves by following him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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