Snoh Aalegra Shows Two Sides Of Herself In ‘Sometimes/Worse’

We were just about to put an APB out on our girl Snoh Aalegra. The songstress dropped her debut album FEELS this past October and then seemingly dropped out of sight for a bit. Thankfully, though, FEELS was an album that left an impression, with haunting tracks like “Time” and “Fool For You” leaving a mark long after our first listen to the set. Snoh finally returns to us, though, dropping off a combo visual for album tracks “Sometimes” and “Worse” to continue the unique visual aesthetic she started with the clip for “Nothing Burns Like The Cold.”

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The “Sometimes” piece of the video shows a more everyday version of Snoh as she arrives home at the end of a long day. As she begins her nighttime ritual, subtitled narration starts and gives us a bit of insight into what might be an inner turmoil brewing. Soon, the drums of “Sometimes” are heard as she heads to bed and turns out the light. This signifies a shift in view as we’re then shown what appears to be a child version of herself. She’s being chauffeured in a top-of-the-line automobile as she sings the heartbreaking lyrics of “Worse” and the car pulls in front of a palatial estate. As she walks toward the home’s door, she’s greeted by the adult version of herself looking glamorous in a familiar outfit. It’s not until the video’s end that we realize where we’ve seen the outfit before as she fixes a bowl of Snoh Flakes, revealing that this clip ends just before the events that unfolded in “Nothing Burns Like The Cold.”

We’re very happy that Snoh Aalegra’s given us something new to feast our eyes on and we hope this means there’s more on the way (we really need a visual for “Fool For You,” sis). You can check out her latest below.

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