Willie Taylor Does Some Soul Searching On 'Thought I Knew Myself'


Though he may be caught up in the drama on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, that doesn't mean that former Day 26 member Willie Taylor isn't focusing on music. We last heard from him when he made an appearance on Syleena Johnson's Couples Therapy (and the album's subsequent film version), and now he's back with new single "Thought I Knew Myself."

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The song finds Willie contemplating the demise of his relationship. While he knew himself as a stand up guy incapable of hurting the one he loves, it seems life and love has shown him a side that he didn't know was there. He's done everything that he thought he wouldn't do, including breaking the pretty little heart of the woman he loves. Rather than wallow in his sadness, though, Willie examines what went wrong in hopes to make himself a better man. Collaborating with producer  Jay Josh, Willies states his case over a soundbed reminiscent of the sad love songs of yesteryear, with a mournful guitar, organ and piano all tugging on the listener's heartstrings. Meanwhile, Willie keeps things in his lower, raspy register, adding to the downtrodden narrative. Is it the most original concept for a song? Not really. But it is a decent song from the crooner.

"Thought I Knew Myself" is available on iTunes now. Take a listen to the emotional song right here.

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