Omarion Slows It Down For 'Sweet Anita'


Despite coming out with an album titled Sex Playlist last year, Omarion's choices in singles have been decidedly unsexy. There was the posturing braggadocio of last year's "Post To Be" (which is more known for Jhené Aiko's ubiquitous quip about groceries than anything else) and, well, the posturing braggadocio of this year's "I'm Up," which serves as the lead single for his upcoming set Reasons. However, the latest leak from the album looks to change that.

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"Sweet Anita" finds O tapping into his underused falsetto to sing sweet nothings into his lady's ear. Over synths that bubble and gurgle like a flowing stream and romantic piano, he butters the listener up with thinly veiled metaphors about water before warning that he's about to "go down there to your monsoon." Oh my. And while his metaphors never quite agree here, the sexy mood provided by the combination of the production and Omarion actually putting an effort into his vocals is hard to break. Not that the song doesn't try to in places (as a general rule, gun sound effects and baby coos sprinkled throughout a track at the most inopportune times are usually the opposite of sexy). Still, it's a pretty decent bedroom jam that has us at least somewhat interested in what Reasons will bring to the table when it drops on October 23rd.

Take a listen to "Sweet Anita" and let us know if it floats your boats.

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