Jennifer Hudson & Candice Glover Are 'Inseperable' As They Rock 'American Idol'

It was the "They betta sang!" heard around the world when American Idol finalist Candice Glover teamed up with former Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson to perform Natalie Cole's "Inseparable." As per her usual, Jennifer ripped it up and made me question once again when she'll finally come out with an album on par with her talent. I haven't been following Idol closely, or at all, so I had some concern that Candice was going to get outblown by Ms. Hudson since it's hard to contain that big voice of hers. Maybe that's why Jennifer kept reminding her to sing. For a minute Ms. Hudson had me fooled thinking that she'd forgotten she was singing "Inseparable" and not "And I Am Telling You," but when she brought her run back down to earth instead of knocking it into the rafters like she would have done on the latter tune, I knew she hadn't forgotten a thing at all. Candice declined to engage in a shouting match and proved that she could hold her own against the Weight Watchers spokeswoman, harmonizing quite sweetly with her at the end of the song, earning church-style "go 'head on girl" hand waves and a standing ovation from everyone who had the good sense to recognize true talent when they heard it. It's no wonder then that the South Carolina native took the crown an hour after that performance, earning her own spot in American Idol history.

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