Mariah Carey Sings Medley Of Hits On 'American Idol'

One of the biggest mysteries of this season of American Idol (besides the weird judging panel) was why Mariah Carey had yet to perform. The woman who basically gave birth to a generation of singers and was recruited to give the show some credibility had not sung a single note all season. With "#Beautiful" rising up the charts and further cementing her legend, we knew that no matter what beef she had with the producers or other judges, she couldn't resist an opportunity to promote her single on Idol. Obviously, Mariah can't make anything simple, so she decided to sing a medley of her chart-topping singles "Vision of Love," Make It Happen," "My All," "Hero," "We Belong Together" and "#Beautiful" in a form-fitting, mermaid-like dress that severely limited her movement. I personally would have preferred to hear more of one or two songs and then "#Beautiful," but it definitely brought back a lot of memories. Mariah's vocals were strong, proving she can still push her voice to places few can. You can definitely tell that she used pre-recorded vocals and a backing track (the sound reverberated in the theater) for a portion of this performance, but it's debatable that she lip-synched the whole deal, as some have suggested. See, Mariah is smart. Just before this performance rumors had surfaced that she was planning a world tour. What better way to promote the new single and a tour than to perform a medley of nostalgia-inducing hits that will leave people wanting more?

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