Little Dragon Cuts The Internet's 'Cocaine'

When I wrote about The Internet's video for "Cocaine," it got quite a few responses, ranging from outrage to reverence. Even if The Internet lost some fans over it, they still have four very important allies in Little Dragon. Perhaps returning the love for Syd The Kyd's awesome remix of "Seconds" over the summer, LD has put their own spin on Syd and Matt Martians' controversial little ditty. Replacing its smoothed-out R&B thump with a kinetic New Wave-y dance groove, they dress the song up for a night out at the clubs. Some elements definitely work here (Syd's vocal over the spacy production feels just at home here as on the original) and some kind of fall flat (the rap feels out of sync and out of place), but overall it's a pretty solid effort from the Swedes we love so much. There are a little less than three weeks left until The Internet's Purple Naked Ladies is released digitally on December 20th (and a little more than six weeks for those who want the physical copy in their hands on January 17th), but this is a nice little appetizer before the album's main course. Sample Little Dragon's take on "Cocaine" below and feel free to download it if the feeling moves you.

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