Amy Winehouse Takes On A Timeless 'Girl'

As the date nears closer for Amy Winehouse's posthumous Lioness: Hidden Treasures, our anticipation here at SBHQ grows. From the leaked tracks we've heard, like the lovely "Our Day Will Come" and the sublime "Halftime," it's seeming that the album will indeed have some Winehouse gems in store for us when it drops next week. When the tracklist was announced, one of the songs that immediately caught my eye was the bossa nova classic "The Girl from Ipanema." The song, made famous by Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto, has become a jazz standard covered by many artists and happens to be one of my favorite songs ever. As anyone who followed Amy knows, her vocals are highly influenced by jazz and jazz vocalists (she even name checks a few in songs), so I was anxious to see what Amy brought to this. She definitely didn't disappoint. Adding just a touch of drum-n-bass flair with the percussion, she ultimately stays true to the song's bossa nova roots. Recorded in 2002, when Winehouse was just 19, i just goes to show how versatile a vocalist she was and the different places her career could've gone. As if we needed another reason to miss Amy and her talent.

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