'You Are The One' For Deborah Bond


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Deborah Bond's album listening party prior to the release of her stellar new collection, Madam Palindrome. At the intimate gathering, which was more like a house party full of friends than one of those over-the-top industry events, we were also treated to the first showing of the video for the first single "You Are the One." The room was packed from the windows to the walls with everyone trying to get a glimpse of our girl's latest and greatest.

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Yesterday the world finally caught up with us chosen few with the world premiere of the video on VH1 Soul, and now everyone can get into Deborah and Third Logic's visual groove. The video is the personification of creativity and cuteness featuring DeBo waking up with a song about the one she loves in her heart and starting her day in a house where everything is covered in or made from white paper with black writing. Far from generic, however, the animated effects and splashes of color provided by Deborah and the band give this video the pop that it needs.

I love that Deborah thought outside of the box with this and delivered something as outstanding as the song itself.

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