Raphael Saadiq Is 'Movin'' & Groovin'

Although I still have yet to fall in love with Stone Rollin' like I have each of his previous albums, Raphael Saadiq just might make me revisit his latest set with the release of the video for "Movin' Down the Line (Don't You Go Away)." Part concert film, part love story the video for "Movin' Down the Line" is about as sweet and sensual as the forehead kiss Saadiq plants on hit love interest as they share an intimate moment. Back from touring the world and performing for packed houses, Raphael returns home to his lady love and their dogs who are all happy to have him back. He returns the favor by showering her with affection and lavish gifts from his travels. The chemistry between Saadiq and the female lead is so strong that I'm left wondering if that's his woman in real life. Living with and loving a musician is no walk in the park, but they make it all look rather lovely.

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