Bilal Does It For His 'Little One'

As we suspected when we caught the teaser for this video back in February, Bilal tugs at the heartstrings in the video for "Little One." The video follows parents, played by actors Dorian Missick and Erica Hubbard, as they deal with their son's sudden illness. If you are a parent of a child who has ever had any health issues, then you'll be able to relate to their fear of the unknown and heartbreak when they finally receive a diagnosis from the pediatrician played by NFL-baller-turned-actor Sinorice Moss. Scenes of Bilal singing are woven into this fine short film directed by Matthew Cherry that also serves to bring awareness about autism, a disease from which Bilal's oldest son suffers that 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with. Autism figures are rising at an alarming rate and early detection is important in fighting the disease. To learn more about autism, visit the Autism Speaks website.

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