Ne-Yo's 'Never Knew' Is A Theme Fit For A 'Princess'

Not only will the upcoming Disney film The Princess and the Frog feature their first lead character of color, but the soundtrack theme--entitled "Never Knew I Needed"--will be sung by an African-American, none other than Ne-Yo. The video for the song, which is below, has just been premiered on MySpace and shows the pop star waiting tables when he meets the woman he, well, never knew he needed. New Orleans serves as the gorgeous backdrop for a middling song. It's Ne-Yo and the many hats he's wearing--thankfully literally--that makes the video watchable. The soundtrack will be available November 23rd, and the film, which of course also takes place in New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou, hits the big screen December 11th. Here's to hoping the film lives up to the holiday hype.

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