You Will Never Be As 'Reasonable Doubty' as Lupe Fiasco, NEVER.
  • "I don't think people got it, honestly," he said of his debut. "I still don't think people get it. I think I'm still a little bit too complex, and I still think it goes over their head just a little bit, where it misses a great mass of people. And you got to bring it back down. I think I'm Reasonable Doubt right now; at first Jay-Z was like [he makes the hand motion for out there] and everybody was like, 'Huh?' But it was still ... some of the stuff was still relevant enough to everybody where everybody could relate to it, just because it was a good record, but the actual core was like, 'Yo, this kid is weird,' you know?" Lupe Fiasco once again proves that he's one of the most eloquent and concise in the game. [MTV]
  • Bebe Winans and Chaka Khan are playing Harpo and Sofia in The Color Purple? Now that's a fight I wanna see! [USAT]
  • After signing up as Carrie Bradshaw's assistant in the Sex and the City movie, Jennifer Hudson learns about high-concept New York fashion, the hard way. [Stereohyped]
  • In case you were wondering, all those MF Doom rumors are untrue. You know, because we know you were wondering. You were wondering weren't you? Of course you were. [Billboard]
  • Twista lets Mos Def punk him, but for a worthy cause. [HHDX]
  • Will.I.Am thought Michael Jackson was a prank caller and hung up on him, because he gets calls from effete, eccentric pop stars everyday and is tired of it. [HHE]
  • We've so gone there already, but let's go there again. [SWO]

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