Berhana Offers A Slice Of Surreality In ‘Health Food’

Last time we checked in with Bounce-Worthy alum Berhana, he was “Wildin'” while adjusting to life in the spotlight. He’s been quite the busy fella in the more than a year since. For one, he’s been in the studio cooking up his official debut album which is sure to impress just as much as his 2016 self-titled EP. Secondly, that studio work includes getting back with frequent collaborator Pomo for a disco-tinged jam called “Health Food,” which serves as the album’s lead single.

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“Health Food” is a slick jam similar in vibe to other Pomo-produced tracks (think Anderson .Paak‘s “Am I Wrong?” or Berhana’s own “Wildin'”). This time, though, he goes for a smoother, more laid-back sound that fits with the song’s contemplative mood. Lyrically, Berhana is wanting his old thing back after realizing just how good she was for him (hence the song’s title). However, as he is wont to do, Berhana subverts our expectations with the track’s video. Collaborating with Sam Guest in the director’s chair once again (and an assist by creative director Julia Bayliss), he gives us a Truman Show-esque vision in which he discovers that he might be the star of some freaky television show thanks to a falling light on set. This realization sends him on a cyclical journey on-set and off as he (and we) try to figure out what exactly is going on here.

Berhana hasn’t revealed when we can expect his debut or what it’ll be called just yet. We’re already pretty certain that it’ll rush to the front of our queue whenever it’s released, though. Get into the surreal groove of “Health Food” when you peep the video below.

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