Jidenna Celebrates The Divine Feminine Of The Diaspora In 'Sufi Woman'

Is it hot in here, or is it just Jidenna? The "Classic Man" has undergone a tantalizing transformation between his albums The Chief and 85 To Africa, going from a dandy to a daddy before our very eyes. It has not gone unnoticed that he's been working out, got some fly new ink and has a glowed-up swagger. We get to see all of the above and much more in his new video for "Sufi Woman."

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Fatimah Asghar directs the visuals for Jidenna's love letter to mystical Muslim women, and the clip itself is a celebration of the divine feminine from around the diaspora. We watch as Jidenna enters a storefront and daps up the man exiting. Once inside, he's led by a woman into a room with two women (one of whom is Jamila Woods) seated at a low, round table. He joins them at the table where the ladies are passing around tarot cards. Jidenna pulls his cards, and as he flips each one over we're taken into his fantasies with different women corresponding to the cards. All of the fantasy situations are relatively tame yet extremely sensual, with the women enticing him in their own unique ways and Jidenna getting caught up in their feminine wiles.

In a video full of stunning women, however, Jidenna remains the center of attention. That's especially true near the end when our leading man is shirtless, and he gives the camera a smoldering stare. His eyes say everything without him having to say a word and have us ready to risk it all.

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The video for "Sufi Woman" follows previously released visuals for "Tribe" and "Worth The Weight." Jidenna's just getting started promoting his new album 85 To Africa, though, so we suspect there are more where those came from.

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