Estelle Steams Up The Screen In ‘Better’

When we first heard Estelle‘s latest jam “Better,” we were impressed with its alluring sensuality. However, we were a little miffed that the track had a video that was an Apple Music exclusive. While it initially shut those of us who don’t subscribe to the tech giant’s music service out, the clip has finally been released for everyone to enjoy.

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Taking a cue from the song, the “Better” visual manages to capture the single’s intimate vibe. This is accomplished by showing only shots of Estelle and her handsome (read: fooiiiine!) love interest. Both of them are dressed exquisitely. Estelle is draped in a green pantsuit and dripping gold from her neck, wrists and fingertips. Her video beau, meanwhile, also boasts a neck full of gold while rocking a black suit without a shirt. And just when you thought things couldn’t get steamier, they do. They both lose their clothes and get skin-to-skin as Estelle coos her sweet nothings and lets him know that there’s no better love than what she has to offer. Once the drums finally drop in, we’re moved from the intimate setting to a raucous dance party with people winin’ and grinding to the beat, but somehow the intimacy between Estelle and her leading man doesn’t seem to break as the clip comes to a close.

The Denzel Williams-directed clip is definitely another feather in Estelle’s cap that will have you pressing replay again and again. Get started on your first watch when you press play below.

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