J. Cole Keeps It All The Way Live With 'Love Yourz'


That J. Cole seems to be full of surprises these days. During a celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in New York, famed director Ryan Coogler let it slip that Cole World is a married man, a fact that the rapper had kept from the public quite well up until that point. Then this week, he turned around and dropped the surprise live album Forest Hills Drive: Live From Fayetteville, NC. If you're keeping track, that's two huge bits of news, and it's not even February yet. In support of the live album, the rapper has also released a new video for his track "Love Yourz."

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The song itself is a message to those wishing they had it better. "No such thing as a life that's better than yours," the chorus repeats over and over again. As for the video itself, it's simply a tour clip that shows Cole kicking it behind the scenes as he visits his hometown. We see him getting ready for the big show as he relaxes and unwinds with the homies while playing basketball and golf. We also get introduced to the people making the show work who aren't on the bill along with rapper Pusha T and producer No I.D. and some of his Dreamville team members. Of course, we also get to see J. Cole taking the stage as he sits on a large replica of a house and spits the song's lyrics.

You can catch a case of the warm and fuzzies by checking out the clip right here. If you want to see more of the rapper in concert, be sure to catch his special, J. Cole Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming, on HBO Now and pick up Forest Hills Drive: Live From Fayetteville, NC on iTunes.

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