Don't 'Think Twice' About Loving MC Melodee & Cookin Soul

I admit to being apprehensive when it comes to the all encompassing hip-hop genre, but I do love a good hip-hop/jazz hybrid. And I do miss the times where female rappers actually had something to say and weren't too busy starting pointless social media beefs and didn't look like insane clown car escapees. Hence why MC Melodee is a breath of fresh air for someone like me who treads cautiously in the hip-hop waters. Currently Melodee is heating up the Amsterdam hip-hop scene with her crystal clear flows and sense of style that tap into the hip-hop elements of yesteryear. Along with beatman Cookin Soul, they released their collaborative EP My Tape Deck this past April, featuring single "Think Twice." Sure, the interpolation of the late great Donald Byrd's 1974 jazz classic has been done before, but MC Melodee's "Think Twice" seamlessly blends the best of both worlds as her positive lyricism goes toe-to-toe with the lounge-out vintage groove. Add to that the Selwyn De Wind directed visual, with MC Melodee strolling down the summery Caribbean streets of Curacao, and you've got yourself an all-around winner of a single. After soaking in the sound and style of this music video, consider me a new fan of the realness that is MC Melodee. [H/T: OKP]

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