Sam Sparro's 'Happiness' Will Make You Smile

It somehow turned into Sam Sparro Week here at SoulBounce, and I'm not the least bit mad about it with two new videos of his bookending this last full week of April. On Monday, he unleashed the visuals for "I Wish I Never Met You," which was worth repeated viewings not only to view the video's hijinks but to also hear the song over-and-over again. As it turns out, the new video for "Happiness" also surfaced this week for US viewers to feast their eyes on what our international Sparro-loving cohorts have already been jamming to for a few weeks now. In the clip for "Happiness," Sam arises from his slumber and goes about the mundane tasks of starting his day. Then out of nowhere the video switches over to a dance number where he's flanked by four dancers for the remainder. This song may sound straight out of the house music of the '80s, but the video is old Hollywood glam with the cheekiness of a risque Vaudeville act. I love how Sparro is mashing up eras in both his songs and the visuals to represent them on Return to Paradise. Everything old is indeed new again. [H/T: AOAAD]

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