Kindred The Family Soul & Co. Take A Drive ‘Around’ Town

Of all the albums released so far this year, Kindred The Family Soul‘s Love Has No Recession is the one that I keep going back to regularly. It’s honest and balanced outlook is the perfect snapshot of where we find ourselves in 2011, torn between the negativity of the world’s economic situation and the positivity of the relationships we hold dear. One of the standout tracks on the set, “Take A Look Around” featuring Bilal and BJ The Chicago Kid, channels classic ’70’s-era, socially aware soul music and now has a video to match. The bulk of the visuals feature Fatin, Bilal, and BJ driving around town commenting on the debt crisis, unemployment, and crime as they go. It’s a pretty simple affair as far as videos go, but then that’s what is needed when it’s the lyrics you are meant to be paying attention to.

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