Winehouse’s New Material: Bleak, Depressing, Suicidal, Possibly Genius

amy_winehouse_lialg.jpgSomewhere along the way, we forgot Amy Winehouse was an artist. It could have a lot to do with those things I said I personally wouldn’t mention. How refreshing is it to actually hear a report centered around her music rather than her drugs or her drinks or her jailed husband or her skin? Reports are already coming in and the consensus on the content and sound of her new music is that it’s kind of a downer. Sources tell The Sun “It is very, very dark but she produces some of her best music when she’s in pain — and the past few months have been hell for her.” This is the case with a host of R&B/Soul singers; pain is the foundation of Blues. Hopefully the catharsis of putting this new music out into the world will stem any opportunity or temptation to create more drama. One can only hope. [SUN]

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