CeeLo Green Stuns With Animated Video For 'Sign Of The Times'


CeeLo Green has been setting the stage for his upcoming album Heart Blanche with two singles, "Robin Williams"  and "Sign of the Times." After utilizing a unique interactive visual treatment to accompany "Robin Williams," he tells the story behind "Sign of the Times" with a stunning animated approach.

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The central figure in the animated video opens in a world of light and shadows, which is soon enveloped in darkness and enters a state of chaos. The scenes in the video transition from a cemetery to burning cityscapes with visuals of what appear to be people in riot gear, along with images of a breaking dam with people consumed by the flooding water. With so much chaos ensuing, one can't help to wonder if the themes are apocalyptic or speak to situations like unrest in Ferguson, Missouri or New Orleans after the levees broke, or all of the above.

With so many visuals to dissect, CeeLo delivers a well executed and heavily symbolic animated video as a commentary on the state of society. Playing with themes of light and darkness, death and resurrection and creatively inserting lyrics from the song throughout, the "Sign of the Times" music video does not disappoint.

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Delivering two soulful singles supported by highly creative video storytelling, we're looking forward to what CeeLo brings to  Heart Blanche, which arrives November 13th and features contributions from Mark Ronson, Charlie Puth, Eg White, Wallpaper and John Hill. Check out the video below.

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