Vivian Green Can't Wait To See Her Man In 'Get Right Back To My Baby'

Vivian Green Get Right Back Still

Songstress Vivian Green is readying a return to the scene with her new album Vivid. But before she does that she's gotta handle a serious love jones in "Get Right Back To My Baby." That's the name of the album's first single, which takes a healthy sample of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly's "Before I Let You Go." She dropped the track back at the beginning of March and now that spring's in swing, she's gone and dropped an accompanying clip.

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She brings the song's lyrics to life in the clip, which finds our girl Viv looking amazing but too distracted by love to focus. She's late to rehearsals for her show, taking phone calls in the middle of routines and even boo loving when she's supposed to be hitting high notes. Still, though her backing vocalists are a little miffed with her, she's too in love to care (and admittedly, we'd be smitten with someone that fine too). They also don't have much to worry about as by video's end she's got the moves and the notes down pat.

Check out the video right here. And because we know you like what you hear, "Get Right Back To My Baby" is available now via all digital retailers.

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