Sango & SPZRKT Want You To Keep 'Loving' Their Collaborations

Sango SPZRKT Hours Spent Loving You Cover

Seattle, Washington native, producer Sango is already having quite a beautiful year. Having jumped the broom and joined the newlywed club just a month ago, Sango is now joining forces with friend and frequent collaborator SPZRKT to bring forth an EP celebrating love entitled Hours Spent Loving You. This seven-track effort is built off of two major blends: a blend of trap drums and R&B melodies and a blend of messages of earthly and heavenly love. Both blends have been perfected and it shows.

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SPZKRT’s heartfelt crooning dips and dives through Sango’s production in such a smooth way that you're guaranteed to fall in love with him. Between the harmonies and passion on “The Motive” and “Soon Enough,” and the sincerity of “JMK,” we’re certain that there is a little something for every listener on this spacy love odyssey. Sango and SPZRKT are offering you the opportunity to pick your own price for Hours Spent Loving You on the Soulection website and, of course, all the SoundCloud heads are welcome to stream it for free now.

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