Dojo Cuts & Roxie Ray Make It 'Easy To Come Home'

Warning: involuntary lip curling, head nodding and air strumming will ensue immediately upon hearing the tight, funky grooves of the eight-piece band, Dojo Cuts featuring Roxie Ray. I admit, when I first played the video for "Easy to Come Home" I had no idea what Roxie was singing about. I didn't listen to a word that was sung beyond the chorus because I was so distracted by the funk and sheer soul of it all that I had to start the video again to be sure the lyrics matched the rich sound of band behind them. The black and white video is simple and beautiful. It was shot in Sydney, Australia, and contains footage of the city's sunrise skyline, streets, and beaches. Many of the scenes hold sentimental value for the group as they formed there four short years ago. For the most part, though, it's just us and Roxie Ray, sometimes in incredibly close shots. Although her voice can stand on its own, she will inevitably draw comparisons to Amy Winehouse. The late soul singer's voice was so unique that it would just be unfair to anyone else to have to be compared to her. However, the visuals to "Easy to Come Home" will not help allay those comparisons because the gorg Ray seems to pay homage to a younger Winehouse with her full, dark hair, makeup, and expressive pout. When she belts out "it's easy to come home" just past the midway point of the song, you not only see her anguish, but you also feel her longing. As she mills about her home waiting for someone to return, we're left waiting in anticipation, wondering whether or not the object of her affection ever does find it easy to come home.

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