Russell Taylor Is Right On Time With ‘Too Late’

Photo Credit: Russell Taylor/Spotify

When we see new music from Russell Taylor come across our desk, we already know that we’re in for a treat. The singer-songwriter has been wowing us with singles in recent years — including jams like “Show Me” and “MAGIC.” Now, the independent artist is back with new music, this time tapping into a classic soul feel to bring us his latest cut “Too Late.”

Produced by Needlz and Russell himself, along with an assist from Sy Smith, “Too Late” revolves around two main musical loops. The first involves smooth piano, kick drum, hi-hat and guitar reminiscent of a Teddy Pendergrass classic. This section is where Russell delivers the conversational verses as he plays a man trying to work things out in his relationship and get to the heart of the matter. “I can’t believe that’s what you heard / After everything I said,” he sings. “How can we talk it out when you’re / So intent on being mad?”

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The second loop incorporates strings and more dramatic piano into the mix to evoke an orchestral soul sound as he pours heart and soul into the chorus. “Is it too, too late / To kiss away the pain? / It can’t be too late / Don’t you feel the same?” Russell sings with the urgency of a man fighting to mend his lover’s broken heart.

Like we said before, the name Russell Taylor automatically signals quality.“Too Late” is just the latest example of the undeniable talent that we know and love. Treat yourself when you check out a stream of “Too Late” and the song’s lyric video below.

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