Normani Shines Up Real Nice With A Coat Of ‘Candy Paint’

Photo Credit: Normani/Instagram

It’s really happening, y’all. Normani is only just under two weeks away from the release of her much-anticipated debut DOPAMINE. She’s been teasing the set since February and even dropped the lead single “1:59” and a suggestive teaser trailer. Now she’s unwrapping the set’s second single “Candy Paint” for her fans to enjoy as the countdown to the album’s release begins.

Normani has actually been teasing “Candy Paint” for more than a year, with the song getting a preview during a release party for her single “Fair” in 2022 and in a Bose ad from last year. Those previews, which featured the track’s jangly drums, didn’t do the song full justice, though.

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Producers TBHits and Starrah keep things jumpin’ with a beat that ticks and tocks like a clock as heavy kicks boom and carefully arranged backgrounds handle the melody. Normani, meanwhile, plays the hot girl who’s bringing all the boys to the yard and might take your man if you’re not careful.

“I can make your n***a hit the race if I wanted / Baby, I could take your place if I wanted,” she sings with all the self-assurance in the world. “I could hit the bank and spend his cake if I wanted / Told me I could put the diamonds on them face if I wanted.” Then, to add sassy insult to injury, she lets us know that when she’s done toying with his affections and his wallet, she’ll toss him back.

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Normani is a baddie and you’d better believe she knows it. As we get ready for DOPAMINE to hit our systems on Friday, June 14th, let the singer get things bum-bum-bumping by listening to “Candy Paint” below.

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