Moses Sumney Wants To Get That Old Thing Back On ‘Vintage’

Photo Credit: Moses Sumney/YouTube

Moses Sumney has mostly been musically quiet since the 2020 release of his album græ. He’s been quite busy in other arenas, however. He’s modeled for the likes of Calvin Klein, acted on screens both big and small (with his motion picture debut set for later this year in horror sequel MaXXXine) and even tried his hand at directing. However, he’s come back to his first love and us with the release of his latest single “Vintage.”

“Vintage” doesn’t necessarily sound like its title suggests. Instead, it travels in the same introspective brand of R&B that Moses offers. An echo-y piano and guitar ring out over the structure of programmed drums. Meanwhile, the singer lets it be known that he wants that old thing back when it comes to an ex. “I remember how your nectar sweet / Now you got your specter hanging over me,” he sings on the refrain. “I’ma take it back to 1993 / When I gеt my fingers on a time machine.”

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The song might not sound vintage, but the video definitely ups the ’90s nostalgia. Directed by Moses himself and filmed on a never-before-used (or released) Kodak stock, the clip has all the trappings of a mid-to-late ’90s R&B video. We see the dashing Mr. Sumney living in the excesses of a mansion as the pans and zooms to capture all its grandeur. Then, out of nowhere, we’re treated to a brief choreographed moment that could’ve been seen in any Bad Boy video from the referenced era. The tropes keep coming after that, including him singing in the pouring rain and performing back-to-back with the clip’s featured dancer.

“Vintage” is rumored to be the lead single from an upcoming, still untitled EP that might drop later this year. That, however, is yet to be confirmed by Moses Sumney, himself. While we wait for what’s to come, stream “Vintage” and watch its visual below.

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