Kaytranada & Channel Tres Drop A Jam To Make You ‘Drip Sweat’

Photo Credit: Kaytranada/YouTube

They say that summer unofficially starts on Memorial Day weekend, but we say that it starts whenever Kaytranada decides to bless us with a new project. He kicked off a hot-and-heavy summer last May when he released the collaborative project KAYTRAMINÉ with rapper Aminé, and he’ll do it again this week when he releases his third solo set TIMELESS. To make sure we don’t forget it, he’s heating things up a little early with the Channel Tres-featuring track “Drip Sweat.”

“Drip Sweat” is a bit grimier than what were used to hearing from Kaytra. The main feature here is the crisp looped drum sample that’s paired with the bump of an aggressive kick drum. The producer then adds a crunchy synth horn line atop of all that to create a jam meant to make you get hot and sweaty on the nearest crowded dance floor. It’s just the set up that featured guest Channel Tres needs to do some prime s**t talking. “Jump off the ledge / Time is essence / I am the legend / The party don’t stop / We need more low еnd,” he spits over the beats.

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The visual transports us to a room lit only by a constantly flashing light (in fact, if you have photosensitive epilepsy, we suggest you skip it altogether). We get flashes of Kaytranada and Channel Tres interspersed with a raucous crowd of dancers caught up in the jam as sprinklers spray them with water. The glimpses look like quite the party, especially if you’re the type to leave it all on the dance floor and walk out of the club coated in sweat.

“Drip Sweat” is just a taste of the 21-track album that will also feature “Lover/Friend” with Rochelle Jordan and “Stuntin,” which also happens to feature Channel Tres. We’ll get the set in full this Friday (June 7th). Until then, check out the stream and visual for “Drip Sweat” below.

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