Ariana Grande Taps Into ’90s Nostalgia With Brandy & Monica For A Remix Of ‘the boy is mine’

Photo Credit: Republic Records/Instagram

When pop singer Ariana Grande revealed that one of the songs on her latest album eternal sunshine would be titled “the boy is mine,” many instantly thought of the 1998 Brandy and Monica classic of the same name. Ariana fanned those flames by claiming that her take was a reinvention, though there’s no real musical DNA there outside of the title. However, after the singer invited the two legendary ladies to cameo in the song’s official video, she’s now invited them on the track itself for a remix of epic proportions.

Like she did with Mariah Carey on the “yes, and?” remix, Ariana gleefully shares the mic with the ladies. In fact, Brandy leads the remix off by singing the first verse with a backing assist from the singer while Monica spices up the song’s second verse. They all come together for the chorus, however, with the ladies sharing in their legacy by singing the song’s title in unison.

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The only new contribution here is a bridge on which the three trade lyrics before asserting, “How could you still be so disillusioned after all of this time, time? / I told you once before, I’ll tell you once more, the boy is still mine, mine.”

We love to see artists of a newer generation showing love to those that came before them, and this powerhouse remix of “the boy is mine” is definitely that. Let Ariana Grande, Brandy and Monica assure you who exactly the boy belongs to when you listen to the remix and peep the song’s lyric video below. And in case you missed their cameo in the original’s music video, you can stick around to watch that here, too.

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