Gavin Turek Steps Out In Her ‘Disco Boots’

Photo Credit: Jason Thomas Geering

Who said that disco is dead? Whoever made that erroneous statement surely hasn’t heard of our girl Gavin Turek. The self-proclaimed “diva of the people” is here to put the boogie in your oogie with her single “Disco Boots.”

Gavin starts “Disco Boots” nursing a broken heart. “Promised the world a paradise / Felt some kind of high looking in his eyes / But the truth couldn’t wait, couldn’t fight the tide / What he sold me was a bag of lies (lies),” she sings about the beau who did her dirty. By the pre-chorus, though, she’s ready to dance the pain away. “There’s no mistaking, my heart is breakin’ / I can be sure, it’s time to get over you / There’s no mistaking, hips need some shakin’ / You can be sure, it’s time to get on my boots,” she sings on the way to get her groove on.

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Gavin’s “Disco Boots” were made for walking the streets of New York City in the song’s visual. We watch as she struts around Brooklyn in glittery boots, sequined hot pants and a bold yellow feathered jacket carrying around a can of paint. She stops to grab a slice of pizza and encounters a photographer who wants to do an impromptu photoshoot with her. We finally see where Gavin was headed with the can of paint in a comical exchange with an older woman toward the end of the video before she keeps it moving and grooving.

“Disco Boots” isn’t just a song for Gavin Turek. It’s also the name of a recurring dance party that she created in Los Angeles dedicated to “a shared love of dancing to disco/house.” The singer-turned-DJ rocks the turntables with a guest roster of DJs who keep the vibes high and the dance floor packed. If you’re in the LA area, look out for more Disco Boots parties to come.

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There’s more new music on the way from Gavin Turek, too. Her second single of 2024, entitled “IOU,” is waiting in the wings for a May 31st release. These back-to-back singles may signal that Gavin has a new album in the works to follow her debut set MADAME GOLD, which she dropped in 2021. While we wait for the word on that, get your “Disco Boots” on right here.

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