Durand Bernarr Maintains His Fly With A ‘Fist Bump’ & Releases New EP ‘En Route’

Photo Credit: Durand Bernarr/YouTube

Our favorite cousin on our daddy’s side Durand Bernarr is back on the block and ready to give us what we’re looking for. The singer-songwriter, who last thrilled us with his 2022 album Wanderlust, has released his latest EP En Route exclusively via EVEN and is giving us everything we need. The set already yielded the slow-burning cut “Unknown,” and he celebrates the project’s release with his newest track “Fist Bump.”

“Fist Bump” is a track bringing back one of the greetings that reigned supreme during the beginning of the COVID pandemic. It’s not because of communicable diseases, though. Instead, it’s because he’s a bit tired of his friends rubbing their Maybelline all over his designer threads.

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“I got you on a fist bump / Even a smooch on the cheek, but / I can't give you no hug / My shirt gonna be riddled with makeup,” he sings cheekily on the song’s chorus. Meanwhile, the Free Nationals lay down a groove that slides through speakers like some of the best ’80s R&B and even takes us to a jazz lounge in places.

The song’s visual further illustrates Durand’s point as it begins with him attempting to select an outfit only to find clothes stained with all matter of foundation, blush and lipstick. He eventually finds a white fur and feather outfit that matches his ostentatious personality as he performs the song for a crowd of friends (including YouTube personality Terrell Grice). He slippity-slides through the crowd with ease and fun while making sure to keep his distance lest his duds be sullied.

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“Fist Bump” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to En Route. The singer has released a trailer to accompany the album that also teases more visuals to accompany the EP’s music. We can’t wait to see how he rolls things out. Hop in the car to see where Durand Bernarr is headed when you listen to “Fist Bump” right here. Then stick around to watch the triple feature of the “Fist Bump” video, the “Unknown” video and the En Route trailer below.

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