The Shindellas Have A Time That’s As ‘Good As Gold’

Photo Credit: The Shindellas/YouTube

The Shindellas are having a time in their music video for “Good As Gold.” The brand-new visual is the latest from their six-month old album Shindo, which is still making waves and taking the ladies places, such as across the country on their recent stint on October London’s The Rebirth Of Marvin Tour. Now that the tour has ended, the trio is back to remind us that they’ve got some jams to behold on Shindo. “Good As Gold” definitely falls into that category, and group members Stacy Johnson, Kasi Jones and Tamara Chauniece bring us a fun video to match the vibe of the song.

Decked out in matching gold outfits, “Good As Gold” opens with the stunning trio strutting into a photo studio and immediately striking a pose. It’s lights, camera, action from there as the gals cut up individually and collectively.

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In between those scenes, we see the group performing on stage in a club to a welcoming audience – which includes their Weirdo Workshop comrades Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony of Louis York who make a cameo – signing autographs and meeting and greeting their fans. Our girls even bust a move, breaking into a smooth, “Toe tap, soul clap, bring that thang on back / Oh, make that body roll,” as they command us to do on the upbeat track.

Get on the good foot, and join The Shindellas on the dance floor when you watch the “Good As Gold” video right here.

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