NxWorries Cruises Through In Their ‘86Sentra’ & Announces New Album ‘Why Lawd?’

Photo Credit: Israel Ramos

NxWorries is sure taking their sweet time in rolling out their new project. The duo released the lead single from the set, “Where I Go,” way back in 2022. The next single, “Daydreaming,” didn’t show up until the following May. You’d be forgiven if you thought that the project might have been tossed into the junk bin. That’s not so, however, as the duo has dropped their newest single “86Sentra” and (finally) announced their new album Why Lawd? and its release date.

“86Sentra” is short but very sweet, only spanning a brief 96 seconds. But the duo makes that short time count. Knxwledge gives Anderson .Paak some runway with a looped beat composed of melodic synth and steady drums. AP floats over the groove with a stream of consciousness rhyme that allows him to boast while also hinting at what the duo’s been doing in the eight years since Yes Lawd! was released.

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“On a diffеrent wave that I came in, thе game on / When I levitate, grab my sneakers and hang on / Young but I still got sons in the game,” Andy rhymes in his signature rasp at one point. He continues, “But they not like the one with a dot in his name / If it’s locked, then it’s gotta be Knxwledge who made it / The wildest applause when we hop on these stages.”

The duo also runs it back with animator Rhymezlikedimez, who had a hand in a few Yes Lawd! visualizers, for the official visualizer for “86Sentra.” The looped clip features the duo’s animated counterparts — including a pimped-out .Paak and a joint-toking Knxwledge — cruising through palm tree-lined streets while looking cooler than the other side of the pillow.

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Why Lawd? is set to be released on June 7th and “86Sentra” is just the teaser we need to get us excited all over again for what NxWorries has in store. Get into both the stream of their latest cut and the song’s official visualizer when you press play below.

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