Nicolay & Creative Theory Spark Up A Jam With ‘Roll Up (I Can’t Lose My High)’

Photo Credit: Magnetic Studios

If you’re a fan of that green, this coming Saturday (April 20th) is a special holiday for you. No need to go into detail about why that particular date is so sticky-icky to some, but we endorse anyone who wants to take part in that day’s festivities. We’re even bringing you a soundtrack courtesy of our boy Nicolay, who’s teamed up once again with frequent collaborator Creative Theory for new maxi-single “Roll Up (I Can’t Lose My High).”

The single houses three cuts to get you lifted and an instrumental reprise of the title track. First up is the main event “Roll Up (I Can’t Lose My High).” It’s an icy cool dance track built on a seductive electric bass riff. The riff introduces the song as the rest of the programmed percussion fills in around it. Once that all settles, we’re introduced to the song’s chant about a good night that keeps time with the groove’s rhythm. That’s just the gateway for what the song has in store, as the track continues to open up to more and more musical levels throughout its five-minute runtime.

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Next up is “A Rollerskating Jam Named ‘All Night’.” Though its title is a riff on De La Soul, it actually has more in common with “Roll Up.” It expands upon a section of the tune, building it out into its own unique song that revels in computerized funk of the ’80s. Meanwhile, the distorted vocals describe a wild night that seems to never end.

When it does end, however, it introduces the third track, the harder-hitting “Roll A Dub.” Like “A Rollerskating Jam Named ‘All Night’,” it borrows from the foundation of “Roll Up.” This time, though, it gives the programmed percussion some love by making it the star. Digital hand claps and snaps sound off over a walking electronic bass line and synth keys they provide a fitting end to this musical cipher.

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Nicolay and Creative Theory have us feeling mighty high with this one, and we might never want to come down. Join the rotation when you stream “Roll Up (I Can’t Lose My High)” right here and then head to Bandcamp to blaze up with your own copy of the maxi-single this weekend.

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