Musiq Soulchild Revisits ‘Victims & Villains’ With One Final Video For ‘we were just binging’

Photo Credit: Musiq Soulchild/YouTube

It’s been a little over a year since Musiq Soulchild and Hit-Boy dropped their collabo album Victims & Villains. The R&B/soul singer-songwriter and hip-hop producer proved to be a winning combo, and the project ended up being one of the best albums of 2023. Not only did it scratch our itch for authentic hip-hop soul, Musiq kept us entertained beyond the music with a succession of videos he released between last February and September. Now Soulchild revisits Victims & Villains and completes its accompanying visual album with one final video for the last song on the LP “we were just binging.”

Unlike all previous visuals that were directed by Caleb Seales, he steps into the role of executive producer with his creative collective OPNSZN and Musiq Soulchild sits in the director’s chair for “we were just binging.” For the first half of the video, the singer gets in his creative bag with a spoof of the popular ’90s sitcom Friends named BINGIN’. Featuring a multiculti cast and some of the worst acting since Tyler Perry’s latest fill-in-the-blank, the players put their spin on a relationship scenario for comedic effect.

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Once the three-minute vignette ends and it’s time for the credits to roll, “we were just binging” begins playing and the camera pulls out to reveal Musiq watching BINGIN’ on the television in his living room. As he’s seated on the couch singing along to the lyrics, scenes from all of the other videos in the series pop up on the screen to give us another look at the relationship drama that’s been central to every clip.

With this visual for “we were just binging” comes the end of Victims & Villains’ engrossing season. Will there be a season two? Only Musiq Soulchild and Hit-Boy know, but we certainly hope that they have another collaboration on the way in the future. While we cross our fingers that our Victims & Villains 2 fantasy becomes a reality, watch “we were just binging” below.

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