Lenny Kravitz Elevates The Masses With His Message In ‘Human’

Photo Credit: Lenny Kravitz/YouTube

Lenny Kravitz recently blessed us with an anthem that celebrates the human experience with his newest single “Human.” The upbeat cut embraces the joy and essence of what it is to be human navigating this journey called life. The rock-and-roller keeps that feeling going with the song’s music video.

Directed by legendary video director Joseph Kahn, the clip for “Human” begins with the current state of disconnection. We see everyday people walking through a bustling city as they bury themselves in their phones, not bothering to notice their fellow man. Their daily routines are soon interrupted as Lenny and his band come rolling down the street with a literal wall of sound behind them. The magnetism of the music along with Lenny’s charisma snatches all their devices out of their hands and forces them to fall under the song’s influence.

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The mass of people delight in the sounds of the song so much that they eventually levitate into the sky. There they begin to meld and merge into one with Lenny at the center, showcasing that the human race can come together as one through the power of music.

“Human” once again showcases the ongoing mission of Lenny Kravitz: spreading love while getting the masses to surrender to the power of music. Let his message sink in as you watch the video below.

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