Khalid Isn’t Quite Ready For Love On ‘Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me’

Photo Credit: Khalid/Instagram

Khalid is back. Though the El Paso singer-songwriter has had a host of features, collaborations, singles and even a mixtape over the years, we haven’t heard from him on the solo album tip since 2019’s Free Spirit. He’s been hard at work on his third studio album, however, and he’s giving us our first preview of what’s to come with the set’s lead single “Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me.”

“Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me” is just as moody as the title suggests. It finds the singer licking his wounds as he attempts to get past a recent breakup. It begins with a slowed sample of Alicia Keys’ “Un-thinkable,” though the lyrics that follow suggest that Khalid is anything but ready. Instead, the verses are all about his ex and her moving on with someone else while he pines away hoping that she’ll find her way back to him.

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“I hope that you believe in the end that I got you,” he sings near the end of the first verse. He continues, “How can I move forward when every relationship / I get in, don’t hit the same if it ain’t you?” The chorus, however, is addressed to anyone who might take a romantic interest in him at this moment. Knowing that he’s still very hung up on his ex, he repeatedly cautions, “So please don’t fall in love with me / Don’t fall in love with me.”

The song doesn’t have an official video yet, but Khalid did make sure to drop a visualizer to tide his eager fans over. It shows the singer in a lonely light as he mopes around his gorgeously designed and decorated house. He stares solemnly into empty space from several areas in the crib as he tries to push through his feelings. Eventually, he takes a drive to clear his head as the song fades. If you stick around a few seconds, the visualizer’s end brings a preview of what’s to come as an unreleased cut plays in the car’s speakers before the visualizer fades to black.

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Sounds like Khalid has quite the album in the works. While we wait to get details on the upcoming project, take a listen to “Please Don’t Fall In Love With Me” and watch the visualizer below.

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