Jorja Smith Is On The ‘GO GO GO’ With Josman

Photo Credit: Jorja Smith/YouTube

Jorja Smith has been teasing that she has a new song and video on the way, but before she drops what’s next, she revisits falling or flying single “GO GO GO” with a remix and animated visual. Smith enlists French rapper and singer Josman to bless the track with his bars and Aurélia Durand on direction and animation.

Josman kicks this version of “GO GO GO” off with a rap delivered in his native tongue. Although non-French speakers will need the lyrics translated, his flow fits right in with the song’s vibe and instrumentation. Whatever he’s saying, he sounds good saying it. The remainder of the updated track leaves Jorja’s original song intact.

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Durand animates both Jorja and Josman in the “GO GO GO” remix video. She transforms both artists into colorful abstract versions of themselves while graphics swirl around and sometimes on them.

The animated video for “GO GO GO” featuring Josman follows the original live-action music video that Jorja released last August. She hasn’t indicated when her new single and its accompanying video will see the light of day, but we have our fingers crossed that it will be something to turn-up to this spring and summer. While we wait and see what the songstress has to offer, watch the “GO GO GO” animation below.

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