Inayah Comes For Her Ex With Heat On ‘Hot Sauce’

Photo Credit: Inayah/YouTube

Inayah is getting saucy this year. The singer already turned heads when she flipped Fantasia’s “When I See U” for her single “For The Streetz.” Now she’s back and getting spicy as she tells off an ex with her heated new single “Hot Sauce.”

The song begins with an interpolation of Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love You’s” as Inayah gets ready to delve into things. From there, she rides the beat from producers Ali P and Killa B as she gets some things off her chest about her former beau (while also throwing shade to his mama and anyone else who loves him). She drops off a truckload of grievances at his doorstep throughout the song, but she gives him indifference on the song’s chorus.

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“While you out there searching for something that you’ll never find / You got a heart that beats hollow, won’t let you break mine,” she sings. “Oh, and time’s too expensive, won’t let you waste mine / And you’ll learn the difference between diamonds and dimes.”

Inayah kicks it with her girls for the song’s video. She and her crew get together for a slumber party in her new crib and make sure to bash her ex while making sure their cups stay full during it all. The singer doesn’t play the victim, though. Instead, she’s defiant as she refuses to feel any kind of way about her past relationship.

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Inayah is two for two so far in 2024, and we’re looking forward to hearing more from her in the coming months. Get a dash of “Hot Sauce” when you listen to the song and watch its music video below.

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