Chlöe Flips The Script On A Negligent Lover With ‘Boy Bye’

Photo Credit: Chlöe/YouTube

Chlöe released her first song of 2024, “FYS,” with a wide-eyed sense of love that was contrary to the feistier side we found on her debut album In Pieces. It seems that was the calm before the storm, however. “Boy Bye,” her second single of the year, takes her back to jaded territory as she gets some things off her chest to a lover in need of dismissal.

The song finds her fusing a bit of pop-punk into her usual formula to underscore her fiery attitude. The punch is felt in the percussion, which snaps the song to life with snare and hand claps, while the guitar offers a more sentimental feel. But, of course, it’s Chlöe’s lyrics and vocals that give the song its true bite.

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The verses find her speaking to her soon-to-be-ex’s many flaws, including his constant neglect and wishy-washy ways when it comes to commitment. “I was always loyal, always takin’ the fall / When we were together you were never involved,” she sings on the first verse. “If we bein’ honest, it was never my fault / You just gave a little while I gave you my all.” Her miffed feelings culminate in the chorus, where she bids him good riddance while adding a “stupid motherf**ker” into the mix for a little extra razzle dazzle.

The song’s video takes us to a trailer, where Chlöe is confronting her trifling beau in front of their trailer as her girls help her get her things. After putting some of his things on the grill and throwing the rest of his things at him directly, she and her girls speed off on the road. The song’s bridge switches up the video’s vibes as well, as the singer appears in a wedding dress-inspired fit as she bangs out her feelings on the piano before rocking out in front of a mic to close out the clip.

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Chlöe promised that she would be bringing more music this year and so far she’s delivering. Tuck into both the stream and visual for “Boy Bye” when you head below.

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