Andra Day Is ‘Chasing’ An Elusive Love While She Readies New Album ‘CASSANDRA (cherith)’

Photo Credit: Andra Day/Facebook

Waiting almost a decade for Andra Day’s sophomore album wasn’t on our R&Bingo card, but she has been diligently at work on the long-awaited project and it’s finally ready for the world. The set, entitled CASSANDRA (cherith), will arrive on Friday, May 10th on her longtime label Warner Records. The soulful messenger always delivers a good word, and her latest single “Chasing” is no exception. The cautionary tale is a mellow vibe that continues the relationship saga theme of its predecessors “Where Do We Go” and “Probably.” 

Andra contemplated circling the block with a past love in “Where Do We Go,” while “Probably” found her firmly shutting the door on another. Now on “Chasing,” the songstress is vexed by a timing issue that has her going in circles with an elusive love. 

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“Somewhere chasing bags and chasing love / Both of ’em chasing us / Two things we never can seem to get enough (things we never can seem),” she laments at the start of the song, summing up the problem over acoustic guitar and percussion.  

Andra wasn’t looking for love – maybe because of her experiences on “Where Do We Go” and “Probably” – but it showed up anyhow. “Always been good on my own / But you brought the sun and ocean / See, now I’m talking in prose / Cause talking to you is like poetry / Cause you made me feel something / Never thought about all this / Was it ever an option (ohhhh),” she sings, pondering her feelings and the emotions they evoke. 

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By the outro, Day sums up her predicament. In a weary tone, she concludes, “Chasing bags, baby, yes / Chasing you always / Chasing me always,” as a resolution evades the two.

The accompanying visualizer directed by award-winning animator Tee Ken Ng, tells the star-crossed love story with origami shapes in digitized soft shades of rose, pink and purple. The lyrics crawl across the screen in white as the shapes morph. The graphics are a compelling depiction of the emotions and words expressed in the song.

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Have a listen to “Chasing” and watch the lyric video now as you join us in counting the days until Andra Day’s new album drops. View the gorgeous CASSANDRA (cherith) cover art and peruse the 16-song tracklist below as well.

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Photo Credit: Warner Records

Andra Day CASSANDRA (cherith) tracklist:

1. Maybe Next Time
2. Probably
3. Narcos (H.C.D.)
4. Midnight
5. Bottom Of The Bottle
6. In The Meantime
7. More
8. Heavy On My Mind
9. Where Do We Go
10. Chasing
11. Nervous
12. Champagne Flutes
13. About It
14. Empty
15. Still
16. Thank You God (Mom Reading Psalm 62)

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