Marsha Ambrosius Aims To Keep Us Up All Night Long With ‘One Night Stand’

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Last December, Marsha Ambrosius had us caught up in the drama and epic sound of her recent single “The Greatest,” the lead track from her highly anticipated Dr. Dre-produced album Casablanco. It got us very open to hear what else the singer-songwriter had in store on the project. We now have an answer with the set’s follow up single “One Night Stand.”

“One Night Stand” continues the dramatics of “The Greatest” but spices them up for a sultry tune about an unbelievable night (and morning) of lovemaking. “Ooh, I get this feelin’ / Lookin’ at the ceilin’ / It’s early in the mornin’ / Still we heavy breathin’,” she sings over dreamy strings, crashing drums and muted trumpet. “Mm, thought we’d only go a couple rounds / Couple naps in between / And we back at it for a couple hours.” The loving is so good, she shirks a more traditional song structure as she flits from thought to thought in a jazzy stream of consciousness while flexing her pipes.

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Some familiar samples and interpolations are used to aid her in relaying the story. The most obvious is The Mary Jane Girls“All Night Long,” which informs the majority of the song. She also manages to work in a nod to Mary J. Blige’s “Mary Jane (All Night Long)” — which was also heavily based on “All Night Long” — and a brief swatch of Patrice Rushen’s “You Remind Me” for good measure. It all weaves into a sexy, inspired tapestry that showcases Marsha’s vocal talents and effortless musicality.

After hearing “The Greatest” and “One Night Stand,” we’re sensing a theme for Casablanco as she pulls from several well-known classic cuts to create dramatic new originals of her very own. It will be interesting to see what else she’ll end up doing whenever the album — the release date of which has yet to be revealed — arrives on the scene. Until then, let Marsha Ambrosius give you a “One Night Stand” you won’t soon forget when you press play below.

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