LION BABE Is Right On Time With ‘Better Late Than Never’

Photo Credit: LION BABE/Bandcamp

LION BABE is kicking off spring by taking us to the dance floor. The New York-based duo has released their latest set House Of LION BABE, and it’s chock-full of house-flavored jams sure to get you shaking a tailfeather. They also released a new single to mark the occasion with their smokin’ hot track “Better Late Than Never.”

“Better Late Than Never” is for all the folks who know that the party doesn’t start until they step into the function. It begins with a wobbly electronic bass and an echo-y refrain demanding the listener to clap their hands. Though the song is about being behind schedule, Jillian Hervey’s vocal arrives right on time as she lays out why she’s always worth the wait.

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“I pull up, I’m devastating / Jaws drop, best check the pavement / I arrive, I’m forever slaying / Show stopping entertainment,” she sings. “Build ya up, anticipating / Lookin’ right, I’m worth the waiting / I’m better late than never, baby.” The boastful, too-fly-to-be-on-time vibe works well here, especially with Astro Raw laying down such an electrifying groove to go along with it. We foresee a lot of hair getting sweated out to this one.

“Better Late Than Never” is just one of the dazzling gems to be found on House Of LION BABE. If you want to hear the rest, however, you’re going to have to meet the duo on the dance floor on EVEN, where the set is being sold exclusively. But first, step into their house as you listen to “Better Late Than Never” right here.

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