Lenny Williams Has Side Chick Problems In ‘She Took My Drawers’

Photo Credit: Lenny Williams/YouTube

Lenny Williams has enjoyed an illustrious career, and the 79-year-old artist is still going strong and releasing music that gets people talking. He definitely got tongues wagging when he dropped his latest single “She Took My Drawers” this past November. Now the living legend delivers a music video for the scandalously hilarious ditty.

In the visual for “She Took My Drawers,” videographer/creative director Jamal Josef helps Williams bring the three-minute soap opera set to music to life. The song details a night of lovemaking with his girlfriend that ends with her stealing the special underwear that his wife gave him for their anniversary and threatening to put his business on TikTok and Instagram. (We told you it was a soap opera.) While Lenny sings the lyrics against a few colorfully lit backdrops on set, a few actors play the roles described so vividly in the song in scenes filmed in black and white.

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“She Took My Drawers” was already a hoot and the visual is a holler. While the song is far from a classic, it is some soulful comic relief from Lenny Williams. Be prepared to clutch your pearls and shake your head when you watch below.

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