Ledisi & Kenny Lattimore Long For A Chance Rendezvous In ‘Perfect Stranger’

Photo Credit: Ledisi/YouTube

Ledisi has always been our girl, and she never disappoints when she releases a project. So you know that we’ve been spinning her latest album Good Life like it’s going out of style. One of our faves, of course, is the sensual Kenny Lattimore duet “Perfect Stranger.” The track brings back memories of classic soul duets and highlights both singers’ talents. Now the two are showcasing their chemistry onscreen in the song’s music video.

The clip, directed by Ledisi’s husband Ron T. Young, begins with Led and Kenny arriving at a hotel separately as the song’s silky introduction plays. She soon slips into something more comfortable in her hotel room as the point of view switches between the two of them singing about their connection. Though the song implies that their flames eventually ignite, the visual opts to tease us instead.

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The artists constantly cross paths and sneak glances, but they never actually interact. This even includes the scene where they actually sing together, with each singer vibing off one another without so much as a stolen moment or wayward glance in the other’s direction. Rather than kill the mood, however, it only intensifies the song’s sense of longing and makes the romantic tension all the more palpable.

Even without them getting closer than close, the visual for “Perfect Stranger” is a case study in subtle sex appeal that shows why Ledisi and Kenny Lattimore have staying power. We dare you to not become absolutely enthralled when you watch the video below.

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